You can purchase a printed paperback book containing most of my blog posts from 2014 – 2017 on Amazon, called ‘Almost Looks Like Work: A guide to healthy procrastinating’.

The book is full colour, and a solid 340+ pages long.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

For other countries in Europe, search for ‘Almost Looks Like Work’ on your local Amazon page. Only an English version is available at present (if you would like to help translate, get in touch!).

For a description of the book making process, see the longer blog post here.

If this price is too high for you, but you would like to read my blog posts in a typeset and paginated form, please get in touch via the ‘About’ page and we can arrange delivery of a PDF form of the book for a much lower cost. (Currently I receive approximately £1/$1/€1 per printed book after local taxes etc.)