img cmprssn w/ svd

Let’s get pedagogical. Often when analysing a system, it is useful to break a component down into pieces, and figure out which are the important ones (if any). There are many techniques for this, here I’ll look at one called ‘singular value decomposition’ in the context of image compression.

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A New Perspective

I was playing pool recently, rather badly, and remembered it was much easier to play on a computer, when one can look down on the table from above and see where the balls are more easily. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to see this in real time when playing pool? I haven’t done that here, yet, but lets have a look at the steps which might be involved in a solution.

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Rolling Shutters

I remember seeing once the following photo from Flickr, and having my brain melt slightly from trying to figure out what went wrong:

Airplane Prop + CMOS Rolling Shutter = WTF

The issue was the propeller was rotating as the camera detector ‘read out’, i.e. there was some motion during the exposure of the camera. This is an interesting thing to think about, lets have a look.

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